The National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) is an advocacy group that works directly with state and local reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations and allied groups to protect and advance access to reproductive healthcare. For more than 40 years, NIRH has been partnering with communities to build coalitions, launch campaigns, and successfully advocate for policy change. NIRH’s strategy is to go on the offensive and focus on communities where change is needed.

Our political arm, the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund (NIRH Action Fund) is an advocacy group that builds political power for reproductive freedom. It partners with allied groups in states and cities to elect candidates who stand up for everyone’s right to control their reproductive lives, and work with elected officials to protect and advance reproductive rights. 

NIRH and NIRH Action Fund fight to increase equitable access to reproductive healthcare in states and cities nationwide. We know that when we go on the offensive and focus on communities where the need is great and we can make a difference, the fabric of reproductive freedom becomes harder to tear apart. This is why we work hand-in-hand with state and local reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations and other groups that are invested in this fight to pass laws that expand access to abortion and contraception, advance health equity, and help elect leaders we can count on to support reproductive freedom. Our approach to advocacy, policy, and politics strives to center the people who are most impacted by barriers to care, historically underserved, and often under-represented — Black women and Black communities, Indigenous and other communities of color, low-income people, and immigrants. 

Our commitment to racial equity:

NIRH and NIRH Action Fund staff and board have committed to racial equity, and as such have been engaged in a multi-year process to adopt a racial equity lens across the organizations. We are a reproductive health and rights organization that incorporates reproductive justice values into our work. We recognize the interconnectivity of identities, such as race, socio-economic status, immigration status, ability, and sex, including sexual orientation, and gender identity, and how they interact with systems of oppressions to shape and impact a person’s freedom and ability to control their reproductive and sexual lives.

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