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Gaining Ground: Proactive Reproductive Health and Rights Legislation in the States analyzes the ways in which states have counteracted the harmful aggression’s of the federal government with a record number of proactive policies to advance reproductive health, rights, and justice.
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Read about our partnership with prinkshop, and Kule, which together just launched the limited-edition 1973 striped collection, which benefits NIRH.
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See how 40 cities and counties across the United States are pushing forward reproductive health, rights, and justice policies.
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2017 NIRH Partner Successes
We’re especially proud and incredibly grateful for all that we’ve accomplished in 2017, thanks to our incredible partners and supporters across the country.

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Our Reach
We’ve partnered with more than 145 organizations in 50 localities and 37 states in the past decade.

The National Institute’s partnerships support state- and local-based initiatives that advance the goals of the reproductive health, rights, and justice movements.

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Increasing access to reproductive health care by changing public policy, galvanizing public support, and normalizing women’s decisions about abortion and contraception.
NIRH in the News
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What We Do
  • Provide funding to support proactive policy initiatives.
  • Policy expertise to draft bills, testify at hearings,  and advise on implementing policies.
  • Activist mobilization to activate our networks to support our partners’ efforts.
  • Media support to amplify these initiatives by drafting press releases, placing op-eds, and garnering local and national coverage of these successes.
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