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2016 National Poll
Analysis of Voters’ Opinions on Abortion Restrictions and Affirmative Policies
Voters Are Uninformed

55% of voters are not aware that politicians have quietly passed 318 anti-abortion laws since 2010.

Anti-Abortion Laws – Wrong Direction

63% of people think that anti-abortion laws are going in the wrong direction; only 20% said right direction.

Abortion Should Be A Positive Experience

At least 75% of voters think a woman’s experience in having an abortion should be safe, legal, supportive, and without pressure.

Our Research
Connecting the Dots Between Abortion Access and Financial Stability
New York

Voters believe that a woman’s control over childbearing is related to financial stability


Voters support legislation that protects women’s reproductive health care decisions, including decisions about abortion


Voters agree that laws that make it harder to access abortion negatively impact a woman’s financial stability.


Voters oppose new laws that restrict access to abortion

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