Advocating for Change in States and Cities Across the Country

NIRH fights for equitable access to reproductive health care. Our strategy is to go on the offensive to pass laws that safeguard reproductive freedom, working at the state and local level where we can have the greatest and most immediate impact on people’s lives.  

Each year we work in partnership with state and local reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations to build coalitions, launch campaigns, and advocate for policy change. 

In 2021, NIRH’s advocacy spans 24 states, including 15 localities, and we are directing the majority of our partnership resources toward working with organizations led by Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), to recognize the value of policy work and movement building that address the persistent and devastating racial inequities that plague our country. 

This year, NIRH is creating impact to advance reproductive freedom in two main areas:

Advocating for Equitable Access to Abortion and Contraception

We are working to safeguard access and expand coverage for abortion care in key access points and enhance the availability of contraception in ways that center and honor patient autonomy and decision-making.

Expanding Equitable Access to Abortion

Expanding Equitable Access to Contraception

State-based Proactive Abortion Policy and Culture Shift Project 

Eliminating Disparities in Maternal Health

We will advance a vision of birthing justice, with a focus on addressing racial injustice and health inequities in institutions such as the medical establishment and the carceral system. 

NIRH Action Fund Partnerships: Making Electoral and Policy Change through Advocacy and Voter Mobilization Campaigns

In addition to NIRH’s advocacy partnerships, the NIRH Action Fund engages in message-driven campaigns to challenge conventional electoral wisdom, pilot new ideas, and mobilize voters to turn out to vote for candidates who are champions for reproductive freedom.

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