With the threat to abortion access across the country, many states are passing laws that safeguard the right and guarantee access to abortion care.

Illinois legislators just took bold action to ensure that Illinoisans have access to safe, legal abortion care — no matter what happens at the Supreme Court or in other states.

The Reproductive Health Act (IL S 25) protects access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion.

  • It recognizes that each person has a fundamental right to make decisions about reproductive health care, including contraception, abortion, and maternity care.
  • It also treats abortion like all other health care, not as a crime.

As the states from Alabama to Missouri to Georgia pass laws banning abortion, and the Trump Supreme Court tilts away from protecting or securing abortion rights, NIRH is working in states across the country to promote policies that proactively advance and protect reproductive rights, health, and justice — including the right to and access to abortion care. You can learn about the latest proactive abortion policies in states across the country here