Our Partners in Minnesota

We've worked with the following partners in this state to expand access to reproductive health care.

Current Partners

Local partner
The Beautywell Project

The Beautywell Project is launching the Young Women’s Wellness and Leadership Initiative (YWWLI) to prepare a cohort of young Muslim girls from Somali communities to become local leaders in the Twin Cities. With support from NIRH, the cohort of young women in YWWLI has the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills of their lived experiences to engage with other community members, network with local community leaders, advocate for public policies that secure their own reproductive and sexual well-being, and ultimately become lifelong advocates for themselves and other girls. The YWWLI provides participants with knowledge around sexual health, healthy relationships, and environmental justice, including a focus on the harms of skin lightening creams, all within a culturally competent framework. YWWLI participants are developing a social media campaign to educate their community about skin lightening creams, including their harms to maternal and reproductive health and challenging the beauty norms associated with their use. For many young Somali girls in Minneapolis and St. Paul, this is their first opportunity to access this information.