Our Partners in Arizona

We've worked with the following partners in this state to expand access to reproductive health care.

Current Partners

Local partner
Coconino County Well Woman Coalition

The Coconino County Well Woman Coalition is working with a coalition of organizations to address one upstream and one downstream initiative that increases access to and utilization of well-women’s care. With support from NIRH and CityMatCH, the Well Woman Coalition is convening a coalition of community members who are identifying the initiatives, providing guidance and input throughout the process, and helping the coalition ensure their work meets the community’s needs.

Local partner
Reproductive Equity Arizona

Reproductive Equity Arizona (REA) is a new organization launched in 2019 to galvanize support for reproductive justice work across Arizona. With support and guidance from NIRH, REA is diving into this work through a coalition-building initiative with ally organizations who lead work on issues such as immigrant, economic, racial, and LGBTQ rights and equity, and strengthening relationships with local-level policymakers. The project includes a culminating event that will introduce the reproductive justice framework to local level policymakers, administrators, and grasstops leaders and will provide those stakeholders with reproductive justice-informed policy recommends and guidance. Through this critical community outreach and strategic communications, this project will build Reproductive Equity Arizona as a long-term leader for reproductive health, rights, and justice work.

State partner
Arizona Family Health Partnership

A leader of the Arizona LARC Coalition, the Arizona Family Health Partnership (AFHP) is working to increase the availability of immediate postpartum LARC in hospitals across the state, continuing work first supported by NIRH in 2018. AFHP is using its findings on barriers to LARC reimbursement and provision to address challenges at individual birthing hospitals, including community and rural hospitals. In addition to partnering with the state chapter of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to tailor these efforts to particular health systems, AFHP is also continuing its advocacy with both private and public payers to improve reimbursement for these methods in the hospital setting. As leaders of the Arizona’s Postpartum Contraception Coalition, AFHO worked in 2018 to increase access to postpartum LARC in hospitals across Arizona. Their multi-pronged approach begins with collecting information from hospitals and insurance plans on barriers to offering LARC and receiving adequate reimbursement, using their findings to inform their efforts to address each of these challenges, and engaging LARC champions to tailor implementation efforts to their particular health system. NIRH supports its LARC partners by offering technical assistance as needed, linking their work to state and national trends and best practices, and lifting up their successes and lessons learned to share with the field.