The National Institute has years of experience working with partners in cities and states to foster connections and move proactive strategies that improve access to reproductive health care. We aim to engage in authentic partnerships, bolstering the capacities of our partners while honoring and learning from their expertise.

Realizing that partner organizations have varying needs, the National Institute’s support takes the form of funding, capacity building, technical assistance, and strategic guidance.

We offer guidance in the form of long-term organizational planning, leadership development, strategizing to move from defensive positioning to prepping for long-term wins, and linking local strategies to state and national outcomes.

The National Institute provides targeted technical assistance to partner organizations. Some of those services include:

  • Policy Support
  • Communications
  • Campaign Planning and Field Operations
  • Coalition Building
  • Organizational Development
The National Institute’s Capacity Building Program addresses common challenges, questions, and needs and fosters networking and collaboration among grantees.

The Capacity Building Program encompasses access to a series of webinars in which National Institute staff, grantees, and allies from across the movement present on skills and successes from their experience, and a series of cluster calls in which partners working on similar projects can share with and learn from one another.

Realizing that achieving success in expanding access to reproductive health care requires resources, the National Institute couples its technical assistance and capacity building with funding opportunities. Each year, through an RFP process, the National Institute chooses organizations working on projects that align with the National Institute’s own mission and strategic priorities. The National Institute views all funded organizations as partners, and to that end, funding is one part of a package of strategic support.
The State Infrastructure Project (SIP) is a multi-state, multi-year effort to shift the cultural and policy climate in participating states so dramatically that anyone who wants an abortion can have one affordably, in a timely manner, and with support and dignity.

These goals require a critical mass of advocates to develop and advance an abortion rights vision, engage a new and broad base of supporters, and reduce shame and stigma by publicly promoting the affirmative value of abortion in women’s lives.

The National Institute works intimately with state cohorts to help advance the vision and strategy of the project and support the aligned activities of participating partners. A key part of their role is to facilitate the provision of a robust offering of technical assistance for individual SIP partners and the cohorts and to identify common needs and learnings across the SIP states.

The National Institute provides a space for partners working on similar initiatives to share resources and best practices, brainstorm solutions to common challenges, and evaluate new ideas and strategies. Partners are afforded opportunities for information-sharing, as well as access to the National Institute’s extensive network of advocates, officials, and allied national organizations spanning a broad range of expertise. National Institute staff both facilitate these relationships and participate in the process, learning alongside partners.