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State Partners

Supporting a movement of state-based advocates

States have become the battleground for attacks on abortion rights, but they also present possibilities for positive change. The National Institute partners with state-based organizations to advance access to reproductive health care.

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Our State Partners in North Dakota
We've worked with the following partners in this state to expand access to reproductive health care.
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Current Partners

North Dakota Women’s Network (NDWN) is building on its work expanding its grassroots and grasstops base in 2016 to engage North Dakotans to speak with a loud and united voice for reproductive health care in the capital. NDWN will lead efforts to strengthen the state’s reproductive rights coalition, launching with a Lobby Day in March 2017, and working in collaboration with NIRH partner North Dakota Women in Need Fund to build power. NIRH is proud to have supported NDWN in coalition building and preparation for this legislative session in 2016.

NDWN (North Dakota) engaged North Dakotans through grassroots organizing and activist events and strengthened their relationship with Family Planning directors. NDWN effectively built up their Feminist First Friday’s event series to expand across all corners of the state, and engaged their activists in preparation for a strong proactive approach to reproductive healthcare in the 2017 legislative session.

In 2014, along with their advocacy partners, NDWN successfully defeated North Dakota’s Personhood ballot measure. NDWN, the only statewide multi-issue women’s advocacy organization in North Dakota, involved the public in policy advocacy to increase the impact of a rapidly growing coalition of reproductive rights allies in the state. Also in 2014, the North Dakota Women's Network successfully expanded their Feminist First Friday events, informal gatherings that enable allies to engage and discuss issues and areas of interest, from 4 to 7 cities.

North Dakota Women in Need Fund (ND WIN) is working to advance proactive reproductive health legislation and defend against attacks on abortion and other reproductive rights and health in the 2017 legislative session, collaborating with NIRH partner North Dakota Women’s Network. NDWIN is also engaging in critical strategic planning and organizing to build towards the organization’s goals for 2018 and beyond.

The North Dakota Women in Need Fund (Fargo, North Dakota) built a sustainable grassroots movement to protect and advance access to abortion in North Dakota, beginning with local-level advocacy to pass a Fargo City Commission resolution calling for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment. In 2013, the Fund participated in the North Dakota Women's Lobby Day, hosted a legislative coalition meeting and an event to thank supporters, and educated legislators on pro-choice issues.