State Partners

State Partners

Supporting a movement of state-based advocates

States have become the battleground for attacks on abortion rights, but they also present possibilities for positive change. The National Institute partners with state-based organizations to advance access to reproductive health care.

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Our State Partners in Michigan
We've worked with the following partners in this state to expand access to reproductive health care.
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Current Partners

Northland Family Planning & Reclaim (Reclaim) is promoting proactive policies on reproductive health care, including abortion and contraception, in the Michigan legislature in 2017. At the same time, Reclaim is working to build its core capacity and define its trajectory as an advocacy organization for the next several years.

Past Partners

With the National Institute's support, Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health implemented its Michigan Youth Rights initiative in 2015 to reduce the harm of the state’s forced parental consent for abortion law, while also building a coalition to advocate for the law’s repeal and for the rights of young people. MOASH conducted a comprehensive assessment of judicial bypass procedures in all of Michigan’s 83 county court systems and worked with their youth advisory council to create an online portal, MY RIGHTS, where young people can access information and resources on judicial bypass. MOASH also developed  a fact sheet for court employees on the legal rights of minors seeking judicial bypass.

With the National Institute's support, the Health Centers for Women/Northland Family Planning and the ACLU of Michigan expanded, strengthened, and diversified their pro-choice coalition, allowing them to push back more effectively against the state legislature's repeated attacks on women's reproductive health care.

In 2014, the ACLU of Michigan and Health Centers for Women, with the National Institute's support, strengthened the MI Lead coalition and developed a multi-year strategic plan to advance reproductive rights in Michigan. The coalition successfully defeated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act during the December lame duck session of the Michigan Legislature in 2014.