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Local Partners

Supporting innovative efforts in cities and counties

Because proactive change is truly possible on the local level, the National Institute partners with organizations working in cities and counties to strengthen partnerships with policymakers, build community support, and advance local policy solutions to reproductive health issues.

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Our Local Partners in Oregon
We've worked with the following partners in this state to expand access to reproductive health care.
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Past Partners

In 2010, the Urban League of Portland hosted a policymaker roundtable on the high rates of low birth weight and infant mortality in the African-American community and presented policy recommendations based on best practices.

In 2011, with support from the National Institute, Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon conducted an evaluation of its Adolescent Health Care Communication Project, a program offering youth-led trainings to current and future reproductive health care providers designed to improve their communication skills with teens.

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) (Multnomah County, OR) spent 2016 continuing to educate and mobilize their communities and local officials to ensure inclusive health coverage. APANO and its We Are BRAVE coalition partners met with county commissioners and held a board briefing with full support of the Multnomah County Health Department that included twenty written testimonies. At events held around Hyde Week of Action and after the general election, APANO received widespread community support, indicating their unique position for increased community advocacy and engagement. Their continued efforts have built support for a Multnomah County proclamation or resolution, and have provided an opportunity to build awareness around a proactive statewide bill that APANO is also supporting.

In 2015, APANO, with support from the National Institute lead a campaign by the We Are BRAVE cohort to advance a Multnomah County resolution on the importance of insurance coverage for the full spectrum of reproductive health services, including abortion.

Boys and Girls Club of Portland Metropolitan Area (BGCP) (Hillsboro, OR) worked with its’ Youth Advisory Council (YAC) to create and implement a reproductive health advocacy campaign in the Hillsboro community of Washington County. The YAC partnered with the Washington County Public Health Department (WCPHD) and Neighborhood Health Center to develop and strengthen their services within its’ free teen clinic, creating teen specific materials and age-appropriate messaging within the clinic. They also established a teen education center called the “Sexual and Protective Health Education Room” (SAPHE) where teens can access relevant and comprehensive sex education. In the summer of 2016, the YAC also coordinated and hosted a summer Youth Sexual Health Expo that drew in more than 50 participants. The WCPHD and Neighborhood Health Center plan to make this an annual event.