Local Partners

Local Partners

Supporting innovative efforts in cities and counties

Because proactive change is truly possible on the local level, the National Institute partners with organizations working in cities and counties to strengthen partnerships with policymakers, build community support, and advance local policy solutions to reproductive health issues.

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Our Local Partners in New Mexico
We've worked with the following partners in this state to expand access to reproductive health care.
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Current Partners

Planned Parenthood of New Mexico (PPNM), Southwest Women’s Law Center (SWLC), and Young Women United (YWU) are collaborating to form a statewide advisory working group to address administrative barriers to LARCs across the state. Their work together involves research to map the landscape of LARC access and determine the breadth of challenges that providers face, coupled with policy advocacy to address known financial barriers, innovative solutions for advance stocking of devices, and the debundling of LARC reimbursement from the global rate received by federally qualified health centers (FQHCs). They are also working to secure access to LARCs through private insurance, including by ensuring that insurance companies are covering LARCs as required by law and informing consumers of that coverage and by advocating for the state to include LARC provision as a measure of “network adequacy.” Such a measure would require that insurance plans include a sufficient number of providers who can offer LARCs, an area of particular importance in such a rural state. The work of this collaboration is centering communities of color as decision makers and partners to responsibly integrate non-coercive provider training and public awareness of LARCs.

In 2011, the Southwest Women's Law Center hosted a bootcamp for legislators in New Mexico on current and pending reproductive health policy and provided messaging training and talking points on insurance coverage of abortion.

Past Partners

Supported by the National Institute, in 2015 Tewa Women United strengthened its successful A’Gin Healthy Sexuality/Body Sovereignty Project in the Tewa Homelands of New Mexico, an interactive curriculum that fosters healthy decision-making about sex and sexuality among Native tribal youth. Tewa engaged youth facilitators and incorporated a youth advocacy component to its work, which enabled young Native leaders to publicly demonstrate their support for comprehensive sex education Youth leaders with the A’Gin Program increased the number of schools in which they offered their sex education training, and developed and presented two workshops for New Mexico’s largest grassroots youth conference, Organizing Youth Engagement (OYE) Conference.