Local Partners

Local Partners

Supporting innovative efforts in cities and counties

Because proactive change is truly possible on the local level, the National Institute partners with organizations working in cities and counties to strengthen partnerships with policymakers, build community support, and advance local policy solutions to reproductive health issues.

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Our Local Partners in North Carolina
We've worked with the following partners in this state to expand access to reproductive health care.
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Current Partners

Seizing the momentum of recent activism on reproductive justice issues in Durham City and County, including paid family leave for employees and a renewed interest in Women's Commissions, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina is engaging in a grassroots campaign for a local resolution supporting the repeal of the Hyde Amendment and similar funding bans. In light of the toxic state-level climate on reproductive rights, which includes bans on public, private, and municipal insurance coverage of abortion, the effort to pass this resolution is a vital step forward in changing the conversation about the importance of safe, affordable, and accessible abortion care.

In 2014, with the National Institute's support, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina engaged in public education, community engagement, and coalition building around the regulatory process for the state’s new TRAP law. A critical component of this work was engaging non-traditional allies and youth. The organization also contributed to a process that prevented Department of Health and Human Services regulations from significantly restricting the practice of abortion clinics in North Carolina.

In 2013, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina coordinated the She Decides online legislative advocacy campaign.

In 2011, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina released a report on crisis pregnancy centers and successfully advocated for passage of a resolution opposing their deceptive practices in the Chapel Hill Town Council.

Past Partners

The National Institute supported 2015 efforts by El Pueblo, Inc., to advocate for comprehensive sex education in Wake County, N.C., under the Healthy Youth Act, which requires local communities to utilize an unbiased and evidence-based sex education curriculum. Focusing on schools that have a high concentration of Latino students, El Pueblo practiced intergenerational organizing by engaging the Latino/a youth and adult members of their Intergenerational Capacity Building Institute as leaders in the campaign, building strong relationships with local officials in the community, and developing a model for collaborative advocacy across generations.