Local Partners

Local Partners

Supporting innovative efforts in cities and counties

Because proactive change is truly possible on the local level, the National Institute partners with organizations working in cities and counties to strengthen partnerships with policymakers, build community support, and advance local policy solutions to reproductive health issues.

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Our Local Partners in Illinois
We've worked with the following partners in this state to expand access to reproductive health care.
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Past Partners

In 2014, the National Institute provided support to the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH) to launch a youth-focused campaign, #StopPNA, to shift public perception about the state’s parental notification law.

In 2010, with the National Institute's support, ICAH hosted the “Young, Smart and Pregnant: Overcoming Barriers to Academic Success” forum in which participants shared their perspectives on how to better support pregnant and parenting youth in Chicago and advocated for passage of ICAH's Pregnant and Parenting Youth Bill of Rights in Chicago public schools.

In 2009, the National Institute worked with the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health to co-host the Midwest Regional Summit in Chicago, bringing together advocates, elected leaders, and public health officials to discuss reproductive health challenges and opportunities for solutions.

In 2013, with the National Institute's support, the Chicago Abortion Fund helped pass a Cook County Board of Supervisors resolution supporting public insurance coverage for abortion care. This project was conducted in partnership with the ACLU of Illinois.