Ceaseless attempts to restrict access to abortion and stigmatize reproductive health aim to keep those seeking to advance reproductive health and rights on the defensive.

But our goal is to counter those attempts with proactive strategies that make abortion affordable, accessible, and recognized for the positive role it plays in women’s lives. Our work on abortion access falls into four main areas. Click on the links below to see the partners we’ve worked with in each area.

Supporting Proactive Abortion Policy

Recognizing that attacks on reproductive health care access often force advocates and providers into a defensive mode, the National Institute sees proactive policy work that actively advances access to reproductive health care as critical to sustaining access across the country.

Protecting Clinic Access

The National Institute works to increase access to reproductive health care facilities that provide abortion, using all the tools at our disposal to ensure that women are able to access the quality care they need free from fear, intimidation, and violence.

Reinstating Insurance Coverage for Abortion

Since 2012, the National Institute has prioritized insurance coverage for abortion care in its local strategies, supporting advocates working with their city councils and local boards of health to ensure that all women have insurance coverage for abortion care.

Engaging in Creative Defense on Abortion

Recognizing that proactive initiatives are not won in a single year and that countering attacks on reproductive rights is a long-term proposition, the National Institute employs creative defensive measures to turn the tide on abortion restrictions.