Abortion Access

We work to advance the right to abortion – but realize we cannot stop there. True access to abortion means that a woman can do so affordably, in a timely manner, and with support and dignity.


A woman’s ability to control when and whether to have a child can determine the course of her life. We recognize that knowledge of, and access to, the full range of contraceptive options is therefore essential to individual self-determination and to overall gender equality.

Youth Advocacy

Access to comprehensive, age-appropriate sexual health education equips young people to make healthy decisions, and no one can make that case better than the youth themselves.

Eliminating Disparities

Geography, poverty, and discrimination intersect to intensify the barriers to accessing reproductive health, rights, and justice. The National Institute is committed to developing and supporting initiatives that work to eliminate these disparities and to partnering with organizations deeply engaged in reproductive justice advocacy.

Healthy Pregnancies

Realizing that reproductive rights also include the right to carry a healthy pregnancy to term, the National Institute engages in partnerships to protect the rights and health of pregnant women.