We are committed to increasing knowledge of and access to contraceptive options that are underutilized or less well-known.

Working independently and in partnership to develop creative public education campaigns and proactive advocacy initiatives, the National Institute seeks to overcome the public policies and lack of public awareness that put certain contraceptive options out of the reach of many patients and their providers. To find out more about our particular work on contraception in states and localities, see our interactive partner map.

We look for administrative and legislative remedies to the barriers to contraceptive access. By working with administrative agencies, drafting legislation, and working in coalition with advocates and policymakers, we are improving access to contraception.

Raising Public Awareness About Underutilized Forms of Contraception

Outside of the policy realm, the National Institute recognizes the work to be done in correcting the misconceptions about contraception. Understanding the low knowledge use of long-acting reversible contraceptives, the National Institute in 2010 launched the Maybe the IUD campaign to raise awareness about IUDs. And for 12 years, the National Institute ran the Back Up Your Birth Control campaign, the leading national educational effort to raise awareness of and expand access to emergency contraception.