How Much Time Campaign

In an attempt to educate the public about the Republican National Committee (RNC) platform’s implications for women who have abortions, the National Institute for Reproductive Health  launched an aggressive, multi-platform advocacy campaign asking a critical question that anti-abortion activists have refused to reckon with: “If abortion is made illegal, how much time will a woman serve?”

Affirming Voters’ Support for a Positive Abortion Experience

Throughout 2015, the National Institute for Reproductive Health commissioned PerryUndem Research/Communication to conduct qualitative research in eight states across the country to assess voters’ awareness of and views toward the trend of abortion restrictions, and to find out whether those views align with their preferences for policies related to abortion. Our 2016 poll quantified these findings.

Maybe the IUD Campaign

In 2010, the National Institute launched a project to increase knowledge of IUDs among young New York City women (aged 16–25) — a group with high rates of unintended pregnancy and low use of long-acting reversible contraceptives. Recognizing its effectiveness, the New York City Department of Health will institute this campaign citywide in fall 2015, running ads in subways and bus shelters across the city.

Making Links Between Abortion Access and Women’s Lives

Starting in 2014, the National Institute conducted original public opinion research in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia to identify the links voters make between reproductive health and rights—especially abortion—and other policy issues, including those that directly affect the economic status of women and families.

Pro-Choice Google Chrome Extension

Tired of seeing the fraught term “pro-life” used ubiquitously and incorrectly, we released this extension to shift the language toward a more accurate framework. More than 1000 people have downloaded the “Choice Language” Chrome extension, which changes online instances of “pro-life” to “anti-choice. According to one media source, this extension highlights “exactly how deeply abortion stigma has permeated thinking, and how vital it is that the conversation shift.”

Abortion Coverage and the ACA

In 2010, the National Institute undertook a research project to uncover public attitudes about insurance funding for abortion. We worked with state-based organizations to advocate for insurance coverage of abortion care under health care reform.

Back Up Your Birth Control

Emergency contraception (EC) is one of the most misunderstood and maligned birth control methods. For 12 years, the National Institute coordinated the Back Up Your Birth Control campaign, turning it into the leading national educational effort to raise awareness of and expand access to EC.