Anti-choice advocates, having had limited success pushing extreme abortion bans at the state and federal levels, are increasingly turning their attention to localities. Due to effective defense and constitutional challenges, these proposed local abortion bans have been so far unsuccessful. Nonetheless, we anticipate a continued focus on local work by anti-choice advocates. Activists should be prepared to fight back against these dangerous restrictions and to seize the opportunity to demonstrate how extreme and out-of-choice are opponents are.

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In January 2015, the Beaver County Commission passed a proclamation opposing reproductive choice and abortion rights. The proclamation also retroactively created the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday as January 18. It also expressed support for the local chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life and their Annual Respect Life Memorial Program. Two out of three of the County Commissioners are anti-choice, and they had passed similar measures in the past; only Commissioner Albert voted against the bill. Commissioner Albert expressed his pro-choice beliefs, as well as frustration that he had not been told of this proclamation before the meeting.

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In November 2014, the Rossville City Council approved an ordinance banning abortion clinics in the city. The mayor of Rossville, Teddy Harris, said of the ordinance: “We want to be a peaceful city. We don’t want any protestors.” Since there are no abortion clinics in Rossville, the ordinance had no practical effect. Indeed, its major outcome was to draw protests from pro-choice activists around the country. Before the ordinance could become law, the city withdrew it in response to the city attorney’s determination that it was unconstitutional.

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In Albuquerque, citizens came out in record numbers to vote on a ballot measure that would have banned abortion after 20 weeks in the city. The ban was defeated 55%-45% in a resounding victory for the pro-choice movement. Albuquerque, NM is home to one of only three abortion clinics in the nation that provide late-term abortions.

Respect ABQ Women is the coalition of women, families, and allied organizations that has organized to defeat the 20-week abortion ban.

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The Valencia County Right to Life Chapter presented a petition to also ban abortion at 20 weeks to the Valencia County Commissioners.

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Tim Palmquist, administrator of LifeSavers Ministries, introduced the Human Life Ordinance to the Bakersfield, Calif., City Council in 2012. The ordinance would have banned abortion in the city and enabled anyone “aggrieved” by another person’s abortion to file a civil suit against them. After its introduction, it was tabled by the City Council until July 2013. Amid concerns that the ordinance would open the City to a legal challenge, Council members asked the City Attorney to draft a resolution that would be less contentious. The Attorney presented a resolution to the City Council that would have commended anti-choice organizations. After a contentious battle, the City Council rejected both the ordinance and the resolution.

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