Local Support for Reinstating Abortion Coverage

Since 2012, the National Institute has prioritized insurance coverage for abortion care in its local strategies, supporting advocates working with their city councils and local boards of health to ensure that all women have insurance coverage for abortion care.

Local Resolutions Opposing Sex-Selective Abortion Bans

Bans on “sex-selective” abortion unjustly question a woman’s motivations and restrict her access to abortion. Learn how pro-choice activists and elected officials are fighting back with local resolutions exposing these state-level bans as racist and anti-choice.

Local Support For Planned Parenthood

In the summer of 2015, anti-choice activists launched a series of attacks on Planned Parenthood. The National Institute demonstrated its support for this trusted health care provider and applauded local efforts to pass resolutions taking a stand against dangerous, anti-choice politicking.

Clinic Safety Post-McCullen

The National Institute has worked with partners over the years to develop local policy strategies to address clinic violence and, post-McCullen, continues to encourage clinics and advocates to seek appropriate policy remedies for threats to patients and clinics in communities, while respecting the First Amendment rights of those who oppose abortion.

Municipal and County Disputes over Family Planning Funding

Taking a cue from the successful efforts by advocates to find local solutions to the Hyde Amendment’s discriminatory ban on abortion coverage, anti-choice activists have recently stepped up attacks on local funding sources for abortion.

Racist, Anti-Choice Billboards and How Reproductive Justice Advocates are Fighting Back

The anti-choice community has attempted to drive a wedge between supporters of reproductive health, rights, and justice – and misinform the community – by erecting racist, anti-choice billboards in cities across America. Read how communities and activists are responding.

Local Attempts to Restrict Abortion Access and Ban Abortion

Anti-choice advocates are increasingly turning to the local level to implement restrictions such as targeted regulations of abortion providers (TRAP), and even abortion bans.

Local TRAP Ordinances

TRAP ordinances place medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion care that do not exist for procedures of similar complexity and risk. Read about this underhanded strategy to shut down abortion clinics.

Addressing the Deceptive Practices of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

The National Institute is committed to assisting advocates in addressing the deceptive practices of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs). We have tracked the trend of combating crisis pregnancy centers through undercover investigations and legislation to mitigate their negative effects.