In the face the Trump-Pence administration’s attacks on abortion rights and access, it is more important than ever for advocates, legislators, and governors to push forward bold, proactive policies that will protect and expand access to reproductive health, rights, and justice — including abortion care.
And that is exactly what many are doing.
While some state legislatures continue to show hostility for reproductive freedom, many state legislatures and municipalities are working to repeal outdated laws and introduce new policies that protect and expand access to abortion care. New York state just enacted the historic Reproductive Health Act, which enshrined crucial protections for abortion care into state law.
We’ve seen unprecedented momentum over the past few years to advance abortion access in the states through proactive legislation – including in Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington.  In 2018, 27 states and D.C. enacted a record 100 bills to protect and expand reproductive freedom in 2018 – more than each of the previous four years. Read about trends and analysis in proactive legislation in Gaining Ground, NIRH’s annual policy report.
Join us in the fight to protect abortion access and stand strong for reproductive freedom. State by state, we’re making sure everyone has the ability to control their own bodies, decisions, and life paths.
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