We’re Fighting Back with Laws that Protect and Advance Reproductive Freedom

With several state legislatures voting to ban abortion, many states are fighting back by passing more laws than ever before to safeguard the right and guarantee access to abortion care. NIRH’s core mission is to support state and local advocates and legislators who are stepping up to protect and expand access to abortion care, alongside other forms of reproductive health care.

Recent gains for proactive abortion policy in states like Illinois, Maine, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont are proof that our focus on state and local advocacy is a winning strategy. These states took bold action to ensure their residents have access to safe, legal abortion care — no matter what happens at the Supreme Court or in other states. They represent a counter-movement to advance reproductive health, rights and justice.

Learn more about the progress states have made so far this year in advancing reproductive rights, health, and justice in NIRH’s 2019 Midyear Report.