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Despite Hostile State Legislatures, Proactive Reproductive Rights and Health Bills Nearly Triple in Two Years

Jan. 10, 2017
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New Report Documents Increase in Proactive Legislation in 2016 Even as State Legislatures Try to Roll Back Access to Reproductive Health Care
NEW YORK — In a year notable for open, public hostility toward women’s dignity and a continuing trend of legislatures seeking to push reproductive health care […]

2015 Report: Gaining Ground: Proactive Reproductive Health and Rights Legislation in the States

In 2015, advocates and legislators made great gains in promoting legislation that affirmatively supports women’s reproductive and sexual health, rights, dignity, and autonomy.

The number of proactive reproductive rights and health bills, both proposed and enacted, more than doubled from 2014 to 2015, with all but 10 states considering such policies and the majority considering multiple […]