In 2017, Lilith Fund, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund, & West Fund continued their coordinated effort to implement a cohesive, multi-city strategy to advance abortion access and build grassroots power on the local level. They expanded their #ReproPowerTX Campaign, which puts forth local proactive policy agendas for reproductive freedom grounded in research and community input, by launching a policy agenda in El Paso and hosted Local Repro Days of Action in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, and Houston to center the stories of people who have had abortions. Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund (Dallas, TX) partnered with Texas Freedom Network (TFN) to create a progressive pro-choice agenda for Dallas. Building on the format used for the #ReproPowerTX agenda for Houston, TEA Fund developed a Dallas agenda that includes items to develop important cross-movement relationships. The agenda is a first step in supporting abortion access as a part of an overall progressive agenda, and will build key relationships to improve TEA Fund’s power when engaging with local officials. TEA Fund also engaged in an ongoing creative arts campaign to challenge abortion stigma. In 2015, the TEA Fund (Dallas, Texas) developed a public awareness campaign, including a partnership with the local arts community, on the need for public funding of abortion care, while building relationships with local leaders to explore passage of an abortion coverage resolution.