NIRH is working with NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts to increase access to contraception in the state by ensuring implementation of the Contraceptive ACCESS law, passed in 2017 through a similar partnership. The ACCESS law provides for co-pay free contraceptive coverage, a 12-month supply of birth control, and insurance coverage for emergency contraception at pharmacies and other points of sale, but the promise of this law has not yet been realized. By pursuing administrative and regulatory changes; providing support to clinicians, pharmacists, and insurers responsible for providing these services; and educating patients about their rights under the law, this partnership seeks to make the law a reality for all who need contraception in Massachusetts. In 2017, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts built on Massachusetts’ status as a model policy lab for health care by successfully advocating for the passage of the ACCESS (Advancing Contraceptive Coverage and Economic Security in our State) bill, which puts in place state-level protections for contraceptive access. Among other provisions, this bill codifies coverage of contraception with no copay into state law; requires insurance coverage without copay or prescription for over-the counter emergency contraception; and limits medical management techniques that pose barriers to contraceptive access. In 2013, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts strengthened and grew the Mass Women's Health Coalition (MWHC), which monitored implementation of the ACA and Massachusetts cost containment legislation. The organization also submitted recommendations to the Division of Insurance on protecting confidentiality. In 2009, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts launched a citywide coalition in Boston to provide recommendations to the Boston Public Health Commission on adolescent reproductive health. In the 2012-2013 school year, this Coalition led successful advocacy efforts to implement the Boston Public Schools Wellness Policy, a holistic curriculum that includes K-12 comprehensive sex education.