In 2020, NIRH is continuing its partnership with Health Equity Solutions, Hartford GYN Center, and NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut to promote proactive reproductive freedom legislation. NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut and Hartford GYN Center are leading the way on measures to prevent anti-abortion pregnancy centers from engaging in deceptive and harmful advertising, and to ensure that abortion is accessible and covered by insurance. Health Equity Solutions, in keeping with its core mission, is promoting health care policies intended to address racial disparities in health care access and outcomes in Connecticut, including Medicaid-covered access to doulas. Through this work and by strengthening and broadening their coalition, NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut, Hartford GYN Center, and Health Equity Solutions are committed to ensuring that Connecticut remains a leading state for reproductive freedom and to ending the inequities in reproductive health care access that fall along sharp racial and socioeconomic divides. This project involves collaboration with SiX.

In 2019, Health Equity Solutions, NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut, and Hartford GYN Center partnered with NIRH to promote an ambitious package of proactive reproductive freedom legislation, including measures that would prevent fake clinics from engaging in deceptive and harmful advertising and ensure that abortion is accessible and covered by insurance. All three organizations are members of the CT Coalition for Choice, which held an effective lobby day that featured advocacy and testimony workshops for medical students, clinic escorts, and other grassroots supporters. Health Equity Solutions prioritized a bill for the certification and funding for Doula care coverage in Medicaid. Through this advocacy and with NIRH’s support, Health Equity Solutions built their expertise and were able to direct some of the work in the Doula effort in Connecticut. This project involved collaboration with SiX.