In 2021, NIRH worked with Healthy and Free Tennessee (HFTN) to ensure that incarcerated pregnant people in Tennessee can access adequate reproductive health care in a timely manner. Building on HFTN’s success in 2020 passing legislation to guarantee access to comprehensive prenatal care for incarcerated pregnant people, HFTN made inroads on 2021's policy goals of addressing the inhumane shackling of incarcerated pregnant people. NIRH also supported HFTN to conduct a survey of Tennessee doulas and hold Tennessee’s first doula townhall meeting, with the priority of creating a policy agenda for birth equity in Tennessee.  In 2014, HFTN played an instrumental role in the "No on One" campaign to prevent a state constitutional amendment from removing abortion as a constitutional right in Tennessee. Although ultimately unsuccessful, the campaign’s efforts included mailings, phone banking, and canvassing efforts that strengthened the base of pro-choice supporters. In 2013, the National Institute worked with HFTN to support the development and growth of the HFTN, including the creation of an organizational structure, mission, and goals.