New Jersey

New Jersey has the potential to be a leading abortion access state for the nation. After working closely with the Thrive NJ coalition in 2020 and 2021 on a campaign that culminated in the passage of an abortion rights codification bill in January of 2022, NIRH is working to help ensure New Jersey remains a bold leader that expands access to the full range of reproductive health services, including abortion. NIRH will work with Thrive NJ, and specifically Cherry Hill Women’s Center, National Council of Jewish Women, Essex County, and Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey, to continue to build a strong, sustainable coalition, galvanize grassroots support, and further momentum in the legislature to address the remaining access issues left unaddressed by the rights codification bill. 

In 2021, NIRH worked with the Cherry Hill Women’s Center and New Jersey Policy Perspective to advance the Reproductive Freedom Act, groundbreaking omnibus legislation to secure reproductive freedom in state law, remove barriers to abortion care, and create more equitable access to reproductive health care.    From 2018-2019, NIRH worked closely with CHWC and NJPP to push forward a bold and proactive policy agenda addressing the multi-issue lives that everyday people lead. With the support of NIRH, CHWC and NJPP successfully developed the collaborative and inclusive Thrive NJ coalition. Thrive NJ collectively built a robust membership including 55 organizations, advocated for state policies to expand reproductive health, rights, and justice while building and deepening relationships with key elected officials. Coalition members put their weight behind a number of bills, including the Address Confidentiality Bill, which was signed into law. Together with Planned Parenthood and other Thrive NJ members, CHWC and NJPP successfully worked with the administration on amendments to address the needs of vulnerable communities. This project involved collaboration with SiX.