New York

NIRH invests in movement-building in order to create sustainable strength and power for those most impacted by barriers to reproductive health. Black Women’s Blueprint works in partnership with communities affected by institutionalized discrimination to build a broad movement for racial and economic equity in reproductive health. In 2022, NIRH will work with Black Women’s Blueprint to engage stakeholders and build agency among those most impacted by racial and economic disparities in reproductive health. This work will include mobilizing doulas and midwives to work in collaboration with those most impacted to shift medical systems through policy advocacy to require training on intersectionality and discrimination, cultural competence, gender, sexuality and consent, appropriate screening for sexual abuse and assault for OBGYN patients and pregnant individuals before labor and delivery. Black Women’s Blueprint will also push for reform and policies that protect rights in gynecological and maternal care and establish standards for addressing racial and economic discrimination and disparities in care.