NIRH invests in movement-building in order to create sustainable strength and power for those most impacted by barriers to reproductive health. In 2022, NIRH is supporting Asian American Organizing Project’s Gender Justice Program, which works to build the next generation of young Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American (APIDA) gender and reproductive justice leaders, organizers, and socially conscious community members. Together, we will focus on building AAOP’s base of young Asian APIDA leaders through educational events, organizing, and resource sharing. This cultivation of young people power will propel and support AAOP’s ongoing work on comprehensive sex education, while fighting to protect and expand abortion access in MN. During the 2022 legislative session AAOP is working with the UnRestrict MN coalition to stop proposed abortion bans and to advance The Patients’ Right to Know Act that will help protect abortion care and ensure patients are receiving medically accurate information. Additionally, with NIRH’s support, 2022 will also mark AAOP's growth toward canvassing for reproductive freedom and building a narrative campaign on reproductive justice and abortion with young Asian community members and supporters; their goal is to build towards concrete policy impact in 2023 and 2024.