Teen pregnancy

Louisiana Charter School Prohibits Pregnant Females From Continuing Education

2019-06-19T16:46:54-04:00August 8th, 2012|Reproductive rights, Sex education, Teen pregnancy, TORCH|

By Megan As I was reading through the blog, Feministing.com, I ran across a headline that really shocked me. “Louisiana charter school totally illegally kicks out students for becoming pregnant.” My first thought was, “How is this possible?” I’ve seen a handful of pregnant females at my Bronx high school; I’ve seen them all 9 [...]

Child Brides

2019-06-19T16:46:55-04:00May 3rd, 2012|Sex, Sexual violence, Teen pregnancy, TORCH, Women's rights|

By Amy There was a very recent article on Yahoo about child brides and the first legal annulment that took place in India for an 18-year old female, Laxmi Sargara. She was wedded to her potential groom when she was one because her parents relied on financial support from the groom’s family. For her to [...]

Plan B for all

2019-06-19T16:46:57-04:00February 16th, 2012|Reproductive rights, Sex, Teen pregnancy, TORCH|

By Sheniece I think that Plan B should be available over the counter for people of all ages. It’s important that people have access to emergency contraception so that they would not get into any situations like unplanned pregnancy. Giving all people access to Plan B would not promote careless behavior. People would more likely [...]

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