Child Brides

2019-06-19T16:46:55-04:00May 3rd, 2012|Sex, Sexual violence, Teen pregnancy, TORCH, Women's rights|

By Amy There was a very recent article on Yahoo about child brides and the first legal annulment that took place in India for an 18-year old female, Laxmi Sargara. She was wedded to her potential groom when she was one because her parents relied on financial support from the groom’s family. For her to [...]

My Experience Getting Tested

2019-06-19T16:46:56-04:00March 23rd, 2012|Sex, Sex education, TORCH|

By Donte Recently I got tested at my local health care provider (HCP) office. I took an HIV test. The feeling of getting tested and finding out that you're HIV negative is a great experience, knowing that I'm not infected. But if I was to be HIV positive, it would still be nice to know [...]

No Cure For Gonorrhea?!

2019-06-19T16:46:57-04:00February 21st, 2012|Sex, TORCH|

By Monica Everyone must have heard of Gonorrhea as some kind of disease, but does everyone know what exactly the disease is, and how it has become an epidemic problem in the United States and potentially the entire world? Gonorrhea is caused by a bacterium, Neisseria Gonorrhoeae, and can be passed from person to person [...]

Because Obviously, Women Don’t Enjoy Sex

2019-06-19T16:46:57-04:00February 21st, 2012|Sex, TORCH|

By Morgan Men in porn are often regarded as sleazy, chauvinistic, and vain, but there is no denying that they enjoy their professions because, well, why the hell wouldn’t they? Most of their male fans are, on varying levels, jealous of their extremely raunchy, active, and public sex lives, as well as their incredibly gracious [...]

Plan B for all

2019-06-19T16:46:57-04:00February 16th, 2012|Reproductive rights, Sex, Teen pregnancy, TORCH|

By Sheniece I think that Plan B should be available over the counter for people of all ages. It’s important that people have access to emergency contraception so that they would not get into any situations like unplanned pregnancy. Giving all people access to Plan B would not promote careless behavior. People would more likely [...]

Hook Up Culture

2019-06-19T16:46:58-04:00January 11th, 2012|Sex, TORCH|

By Morgan Sex, and the implications thereof, differ from culture to culture, from era to era, and from individual to individual. For most Americans, the notion that one should wait until marriage to have sex is uber conservative and outdated- even my parents and grandparents admit to having engaged in premarital sex. While it does [...]

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