Reproductive rights

What is the world coming to?

2019-06-19T16:46:59-04:00November 4th, 2011|Reproductive rights, TORCH|

By Omar So as I turn on the TV and turn to the local news channel, I see that the House of Representatives passed the H.R 358 bill that would allow doctors to deny a woman an abortion even if she would die without it. I think this bill should not pass all the way [...]

Prime Time Win

2019-06-19T16:46:59-04:00October 19th, 2011|Reproductive rights, TORCH|

By Chelsea A few weeks ago, ABC premiered the first episode of the new Grey's Anatomy season. In this particular episode one of the main characters, Christina, decided to have an abortion. At first, she had only the support of her best friend. Her choice put a lot of tension and strain on her relationship [...]

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