Just like so many people of color are mistreated, and have their natural rights ignored and abused, so many women of color have been mistreated for centuries and are cast away into the dark having their stories disappear with the air we breathe out. So many people believe women of color are useless and considered […]

Letter to a Black Woman:

Confused as to what has affected you more, your gender or your background. The black women, who’s passion and dedication runs even deeper than her melanin. Known to be so defensive and so angry, but shit you’re allowed to be defensive, angry, tired because your nourishment goes unnoticed, your strength and determination goes unseen. I […]

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Reflections of a Young Girl of Color

Why are our voices not heard? We sit, stand, and say we are equal, but where is the equality? We experience beatings, assault, sexual assault , pro filings, and racism all to be stuck in the same position we’ve been in for minutes, hours, months, years, decades, centuries. Why are our voices not heard when […]

Why I Work at TORCH

By Elijah

At the beginning of ninth grade, I started working with the Teen Outreach Reproductive CHallenge (TORCH) program in New York City, and I continue to work with the organization to this day. TORCH is a youth focused program designed to educate teens on sexual and reproductive health rights in New York City. Yes, I, […]



By Anonymous

“Self-love is often a seed planted by others, but has to be manifested by you.”

Most people believe that self-love, confidence and appreciate comes solely from yourself. But in the instance that you cannot take any more and you’re standing on a bridge ready to have the tides from the river take your breath away; […]

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After Tiller

By Teona

There is a secret war going on. Now I could be exaggerating, but truthfully this issue is highly controversial. This war is not a particularly violent war, but violence has been woven deep within the issue. Words are being used as weapons, along with picket signs and hours of protests. I watched the documentary called “After Tiller” last week. Basically, a late-term abortion provider named George Tiller was shot dead in his church. Tiller has faced many death threats and has been targeted multiple times at his office. With Tiller gone there are only four late term abortion providers left in the country and they all face violence and the possibility of being murdered. The movie made me think about why people feel the need to take action in preventing abortion, whether it is violent or not. What makes people think that it’s okay to prevent someone from making a choice? […]

A is for Adolescence

By Megan

The term adolescence is used to describe the transition stage between childhood and adulthood. I believe that our adolescent stage in life is one of the most important stages because that is when we are able to find our true selves. Throughout our adolescent years, we are spending most of our time in high school. From the start of high school all the way until you graduate, you gain and lose friends, learn how to deal with relationships, in addition to gaining a good deal of knowledge, and learning where you fit in socially. I personally feel like these are our crucial years because they mold us into who we would like to be in our later future. […]

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Cultural Humility

By Megan

After watching the short movie based on cultural humility, I realized that one should never put a halt to learning and the opportunity to be educated. As shown in the documentary, although you believe you know everything, it turns out that you never really know much. This shows how the journey never ends. Cultural […]

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I Was Part of Change

By Theresa

Today was the day I, Theresa Twum, got to vote. Being the only person in my family qualified to vote makes me feel so special. Being my first time voting, I had no idea what to expect. I thought about how long the lines were going to be and about the time I […]

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Females Deserve Credit Too

By Megan

“Scroll through the titles and subtitles of recent books, and you will read that women have become ‘The Richer Sex,’ that ‘The Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys,’ and that we may even be seeing ‘The End of Men.’ Several of the authors of these books posit that we are on the […]

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