Sex Ed should be shared with every single teenager alive! Whether it’s taught in their school or not. Teens should be at least a little educated on reproductive health. Sex isn’t something that should be hidden from us. If this continues to happen more consequences will continue to happen too. Teens are clueless about sex […]

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Just like so many people of color are mistreated, and have their natural rights ignored and abused, so many women of color have been mistreated for centuries and are cast away into the dark having their stories disappear with the air we breathe out. So many people believe women of color are useless and considered […]

Silent Blood

Comb your hair, clean my house, bathe those kids

We are objects, We are inferior

Our heads bow down as our backs bend over

Palms face thigh, skin shedding

Thoughts crawling, Lips sealed

Hair long to the elbows, to the hands that ache from serving the full

Polished nails

Pierced ears listen to weak, prideful demands

Hearts racing, tongue stuck to the base […]

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Bad Religion

We met through mutual friends and
With no knowledge of the concept of time, we consumed each other.
Fed and misused each other,
we sat back and grooved with each other.
We had the whole universe in line with the vibrations of our emotion
with our overwhelming intuition and commotion,
we resided in a temple with toxic lotuses growing from the […]

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What Am I Good For?

What am I good for?

I sit here begging for your attention,

Which by the way is never given.

But yet I make sure you never ask for more.

So tell me what am I good for?

You don’t open my door

or call to make sure I’m good.

But yet I keep your ass from being from the hood.

So tell me […]

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Letter to a Black Woman:

Confused as to what has affected you more, your gender or your background. The black women, who’s passion and dedication runs even deeper than her melanin. Known to be so defensive and so angry, but shit you’re allowed to be defensive, angry, tired because your nourishment goes unnoticed, your strength and determination goes unseen. I […]

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Reflections of a Young Girl of Color

Why are our voices not heard? We sit, stand, and say we are equal, but where is the equality? We experience beatings, assault, sexual assault , pro filings, and racism all to be stuck in the same position we’ve been in for minutes, hours, months, years, decades, centuries. Why are our voices not heard when […]

Watching Selma

Selma was one of the most powerful and moving films I have seen in my entire life.

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Why I Work at TORCH

By Elijah

At the beginning of ninth grade, I started working with the Teen Outreach Reproductive CHallenge (TORCH) program in New York City, and I continue to work with the organization to this day. TORCH is a youth focused program designed to educate teens on sexual and reproductive health rights in New York City. Yes, I, […]


Yes Only Means Yes

By Inès

There’s such a blur when it comes to saying “No”. For some reason there’s always some type of speculation when it comes to the word. Questions like, “did you mean it?”, “are you joking?”, and “what’s the reason?” arise. This simple two letter word is unclear. So what can we do to ensure one […]