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Advancing Contraceptive Coverage in Massachusetts

Since the 1990s, many states have required insurers to provide “contraceptive equity,” meaning that insurance plans that cover prescription drugs must also cover contraception. However, insurance companies often limited the types of contraception that were covered or charged high copays for some or all forms. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) addressed some of these barriers […]

Prohibiting the Shackling of Pregnant Incarcerated Women in MA

In 2016, NIRH supported the implementation of new laws in Massachusetts designed to prohibit the shackling of pregnant incarcerated women and improve the treatment of pregnant women in prison overall with our partners Prisoners’ Legal Services and the Prison Birth Project. They engaged in public education, media outreach, advocacy with executive branch officials, and research, […]

Raising Awareness of the Movement to Criminalize Women for their Abortions

NIRH President Andrea Miller has been an outspoken advocate against the laws that criminalize women for their abortion decisions. She has emerged as one of the leaders in the field ringing the alarm bell about politicians’ threats to shame, pressure, and ultimately punish women who end their pregnancies.

See her op-ed in TIME magazine.

To read […]

Exposing the Anti-Choice Agenda through a Google Chrome Extension

Tired of seeing the fraught term “pro-life” used ubiquitously and incorrectly, we conceived of this Google Chrome extension to shift the language of the discussion towards a more accurate framework. When downloaded, this Google Chrome extension will change any instance of “pro-life” to “anti-choice,” revealing the phrase for what it is: an attempt to stop women […]

Public Opinion Research – Proactively Engaging Voters on Abortion Access

7 in 10 voters want a woman’s experience having an abortion to be safe, legal, and respectful of a women’s decision.

Conventional wisdom frequently suggests the public is deeply divided on abortion and, at least tacitly, approves of the kinds of restrictions states have passed to limit a woman’s access to […]

SisterReach Releases First Report in Tennessee to Center the Voices of People of Color on Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Tennessee’s abstinence-only education policies are harmful to communities across the state, and that is especially clear in Shelby County, where STI rates are much higher than the national average and rising. One of Tennessee’s laws, known as the “Gateway Sexual Activity” law, forbids individuals or organizations from discussing “non-abstinence as an appropriate or acceptable behavior” […]

Advocating for a Statewide Anti-Shackling Ban in California

In California, NIRH had initially supported the work of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children in San Francisco, who convened two roundtables of formerly incarcerated women and girls, advocates, prison officials, healthcare providers, and policymakers. They discussed shackling and reproductive care provided to incarcerated pregnant women in the San Francisco Bay Area and how to […]

Regulating Fake Clinics in New York City

In 2010, NIRH worked with the New York City Council to pass a law regulating fake clinics that deceive women in New York City.  NIRH first investigated fake clinics, and released a report on the deceptive practices of fake clinics, in order to build the record of harm. We then worked with the New York […]

Improving Reproductive Healthcare for Incarcerated Women in Pennsylvania and Alabama

In 2010, NIRH supported the work of partner New Voices Pittsburgh to build toward better policies in the Pittsburgh prison system for pregnant women. With NIRH’s support, New Voices hosted Policymaker Leadership Institute to introduce local elected officials to the reproductive justice framework and to discuss the reproductive health of incarcerated women in county jails. […]

Passing the Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities Act in New York City

In 2009, the New York City Council strengthened the city’s Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities Act, protecting the area surrounding reproductive health care facilities. NIRH worked hand-in-hand with the New York City Council to pass this critical legislation, which increases penalties for following, intimidating, and harassing women or providers within a 15-foot zone around […]