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NIRH Applauds Introduction of EACH Woman Act Repealing Discriminatory Hyde Amendment

March 12, 2019
Contact: Noah Gardy,, 201-218-6310
EACH Woman Act would end the federal prohibition on insurance coverage for abortion services
NIRH laid groundwork through efforts in 18 localities nationwide to adopt resolutions calling for repeal of the Hyde Amendment at the local level
Washington, DC – Andrea Miller, President of the National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH), released […]

Abortion Without Punishment Campaigns

With the implications of a gutted Roe, and fewer abortion clinics open and accessible, we now face the perfect storm for the criminalization of women and medical professionals for seeking or providing abortions. Archaic laws criminalizing abortion could become enforceable and states could introduce new legislation to ban abortion outright, as they have in Ohio. In 2018 and 2019, NIRH supported statewide campaigns in Ohio, New York, and Michigan to decriminalize people seeking abortions and providers who offer abortion care.

Combating Misinformation, Advancing Proactive Policies

Following the successful passage of the Reproductive Health Act, opponents of abortion access began spreading lies and misinformation about the law in an effort to push their anti-abortion agenda and halt similar progress in other states. In response to the web of misinformation spun by those who would like to see abortion criminalized, NIRH launched an aggressive ad campaign in Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, and Washington, DC to set the record straight on the RHA and other proactive legislation.

Passing & Protecting New York’s Reproductive Health Act

For more than 10 years, NIRH and the NIRH Action Fund led the advocacy campaign to educate the public, rally New Yorkers, and convince elected officials to update New York’s laws by passing the Reproductive Health Act.

LARC Toolkits

All people should have access to the full range of contraceptive options in order to ensure they are able to select and access the method that is right for them, as well as be able to stop or change that method at any time. Achieving full contraceptive choice is an important step towards ensuring that […]