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Cat Calls Suck

By Sophia

I was on the way to school this morning, minding my own business, coffee in hand, when out of a parked car came two craned necks, two guys nearly breaking their backs to get a good look of my butt.  Great.  I love feeling like a sexual object.

This isn’t unusual at all, since I deal with it almost everyday, and so do most women and girls.  It has become an awful fact of my daily life – no matter what I am wearing, I will always garner unsolicited male attention.  It is more than just a quiet humiliation – often, it is very obvious, and other people on the street may notice it.  A look or a whistle is incredibly damaging for me – all I want to do is scream in the guy’s face, but that wouldn’t do much.  This kind of behavior stems from societal values, bred-in-the-bone ideas that have been around since biblical times, which say that women are sexual objects, and should be treated as such.  How do we even begin to reverse this kind of behavior?


Future Plans

By Tamara

It’s almost every child’s dream to move out of their parent’s house. I have this sudden ferocious motivation to reach that exact goal. Many people I know want to move away but it’s just an empty thought for some people because they aren’t being realistic. Where are you going on your own when you […]

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It’s Anti-Bullying Week

By Theresa

“The bullying stopped when I claimed myself and proved that I wasn’t afraid. A lot of it was when I was hiding when I was younger.”~ Randy Harrison

I can relate to this quote by Randy Harrison because I once was a victim of bullying. Being a young kid who felt that hiding from the […]

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We Are So Different You and Me

By Tamara

I have to do current events assignments for my government class each week so I always choose the news-paper as my main source. I picked up the October 5th New York Post and was flipping through it to find an interesting article relating to society or government. Despite the fact that I wanted to get the assignment over with for the week, I looked through the paper to find a few more stories out of boredom. The cover story was about a helicopter tour gone wrong; the next story was about a man who had gotten robbed, it seemed like nothing out of the ordinary, so I overlooked it as I was flipping through the paper once again. At some point, I had been reduced to read the robbery story. The story was about how clothing mogul, George Bardwil was robbed at gunpoint in his own home while hosting a party. The robbers made off with a $300,000 value of money and jewelry.

Bardwil reacted to the incident by saying, “If it had been $5 million or $6 million of jewelry, I’d be upset.” Although he also mentioned that the stolen items are just trinkets and that his life is more valuable, which is an understandable reaction, it makes me angry, as a person of the middle class, to think that $300,000 could be so worthless to him. In my neighborhood, many people struggle for financial support because of obstacles such as living situations, immigration status, and income, and to think that Bardwil thought nothing of what was taken. People are in need but people like Bardwil are not putting these things to good use. […]

As Teenagers, We Get Bored

By Tamara

As teenagers, we get bored. This is the time when we make changes to ourselves and experiment with hair, make-up, styles, etc. I find it ironic that I do not like change: like when I come home and find that my mom has cleaned my room and I have a mini anxiety attack and flip out. Yet I crave changes like changing my haircut and color or rearranging my room, just trying anything different from my ordinary habits.

My latest project is veganism. I’ve noticed my friend falling into the vegetarian fad of the celebrities. I myself have been so tempted to follow just for the fun of it but reluctant because there was really no reason for me to go down that road. Now, I’m at this point in my life where there should be more for me to explore besides contrabands. It’s hard to find something constructive yet legal living in a city like New York for as long as I have. If I lived in a state where it would be legal to fire guns in open ranges, I’d be shooting cans off of fences all day long and build bon fires by night right out in my backyard surrounded by friends (that sounds so awesome right about now). I mean, I will be going off to college soon and the thought and work that the process involves is time consuming but I’m not at the point where it is exciting yet. I do not like the sight of raw meat and refuse to touch it (unless it’s cooked). I cannot help but think about what it once was, a living thing who could feel pain and emotion. […]


“What did you say?”

By Amy
We are so influenced by the gender roles society gives us that many of the things we say are based on this strict role without being conscious of it. Often, when words come out of our mouths that really are based off of this gender role, we offend those around us who are part […]


What is the world coming to?

By Omar

So as I turn on the TV and turn to the local news channel, I see that the House of Representatives passed the H.R 358 bill that would allow doctors to deny a woman an abortion even if she would die without it.

I think this bill should not pass all the way because if […]

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The Bullet

By Brandon

Hate this bullet that those two guns created
All it does is kill everything it cares about
It runs with its head down not seeing what he hits until
He kills the one he’s inlove with
Breaks in to a million pieces and ricochets from one girl to the next
Never to be whole again.

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What Else Can You Say to Convey “Gay”?

By Morgan

“That’s so gay.”

“We have a pop quiz? Gaaaay.”

“This song is so gay!”

The funny thing is, I truly do believe most people when they tell me that they don’t  mean the term in a derogatory manner. I am frequently assured that “well, when I say ‘gay’, I don’t actually mean ‘gay’…I mean stupid.”

Yeah, that’s reassuring. You don’t mean “gay” as in homosexual when you use the term, you simply, innocently mean “gay” as a way of referring to things that you don’t like. Nothing personal.

I will believe you when you tell me that you don’t mean it, but that doesn’t mean that I respect you. (Okay, I don’t respect the way in which you chose to express disdain and disapproval. You are probably a pretty cool bro, we should hang out sometime.)

I don’t believe that any further analysis is required. The overwhelming tendency of today’s (presumably accepting and socially liberal, as homophobic teens are a whole different story) youth to use the word “gay” in reference to that which is unpleasant, unfavorable, or simply completely shitty is not due to lack of knowledge or lack of education.The term’s use is perpetuated, even by those who have gay friends and family and teachers and employers and who consider themselves (and, in their hearts, surely are) caring, non homophobic people, simply because they are too lazy to change their (uncomplicated, unintelligent, unacceptable) ways of expressing themselves. […]


Prime Time Win

By Chelsea

A few weeks ago, ABC premiered the first episode of the new Grey’s Anatomy season. In this particular episode one of the main characters, Christina, decided to have an abortion. At first, she had only the support of her best friend. Her choice put a lot of tension and strain on her relationship with […]

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