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Gun Positive

By Chelsea

Ever since the Aurora theater shooting in Colorado, there have been gun debates all over the country. People have been going back and forth about what could’ve should’ve would’ve happened that terrible day. Lots of “what ifs” have been thrown around. It’s a very controversial and sensitive topic. Some people believe that the shooter, James Holmes, could have been stopped if someone else in the theater had possessed a gun. Others say that no one should own guns because they’re too dangerous and people won’t or don’t know how to use them. They believe that gun laws should be restricted, that it’s time to crack down. They have been talking a lot about the cons of guns, which got me thinking. Why is it that firearms have a negative connotation? Why do so many people oppose them? […]


Louisiana Charter School Prohibits Pregnant Females From Continuing Education

By Megan

As I was reading through the blog,, I ran across a headline that really shocked me. “Louisiana charter school totally illegally kicks out students for becoming pregnant.” My first thought was, “How is this possible?” I’ve seen a handful of pregnant females at my Bronx high school; I’ve seen them all 9 months throughout their pregnancy, and still, I see them after they give birth finishing high school. […]

Life After Death? And Immortality…Somewhat.

By Kavon

When a person dies, it is most commonly shown that people throw a funeral and the deceased person gets buried underground in a casket. But I believe that isn’t just it. I think through the memories, the pictures, the good, the bad, and the conversations, the life of a person continues on. Which I […]


Is Facebook too Provocative?

By Armanis

Youth such as myself have come to practically live on the internet. We put forth our entire lives for everyone else to see. Facebook especially has become a lifeline to many teens. The problem at hand is if Facebook has become too provocative. This is common among teen girls. I myself have never posted […]


Paid Sick Days

By Megan

“I was forced to ask my boss for some time off so I could take care of my sibling. When I asked for a few days of leave, my boss told me flat-out: if you go, don’t bother coming back.

This was said by Ai Elo, a restaurant worker from Brooklyn, on The question is, is this fair? Should we get paid for taking sick days off? I believe so. […]

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By Lucia

Things happen in life, but you just have to learn from it. I think that people go through many hardships so that people can grow & make something out of it. People cry & stress over things like heartbreaks, family issues, but I think if somebody hurt you so much in your life you […]


IUD Teen Night

Below are two Peer Leader’s’ posts about TORCH Teen Night with special a focus on the IUD! The event took place on April 19th:

After planning for various days at Torch, the IUD teen night event was a success. Even though we expected more people than the people who attended, we got the purpose across which was to inform teens about the IUD and the myths that come from the media which limits TEENS to access this type of birth control. […]

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By Elijah

AIDS is a serious epidemic that is greatly affecting our world today. It has killed millions of people, destroyed economies, and decreased life expectancies for many of the world’s population. I felt really good about doing the AIDS walk because I helped raise awareness and research for the disease.


Nothing Lasts Forever

By Noor

Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never love at all
Hoping that the moments will stay,
Never fade away
But though nothing is forever
Hoping it gets better
To the people you meet from the battles you won
By the time you know itll be over and already done
We’ll wish for the clock to tick back on […]

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17 & The IUD Is For Me

By Tamara

I’m pretty sure you have heard all of the talk about the IUD and if not, maybe the commercials that seems to be popping up more frequently. Have you considered the IUD? To ease your mind a bit I just wanted to share my personal experience with the IUD. […]

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