In 2017, NIRH successfully fought for no-copay coverage of abortion and contraception for all state-regulated insurance plans in New York. However, many New Yorkers are covered by employer-provided self-funded plans which are governed by federal law and do not have to comply with state-level requirements. NIRH then urged the state to find a creative solution that would ensure that all New Yorkers would be able to understand if their health insurance plan must comply with New York state requirements which guarantees coverage for abortion and contraception. In July of 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new regulation for health insurer ID cards which requires that state-regulated health plans indicate on health insurer ID cards that they must comply with New York State requirements. This new regulation will ensure that New Yorkers have access to vital information about their health plans and that those covered by state-regulated health plans receive the consumer protections they are entitled to. Insurance coverage of the full spectrum of reproductive health care services, including abortion, is critical to ensure that all people can control their own bodies, their health, and their futures.

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