Sex Ed should be shared with every single teenager alive! Whether it’s taught in their school or not. Teens should be at least a little educated on reproductive health. Sex isn’t something that should be hidden from us. If this continues to happen more consequences will continue to happen too. Teens are clueless about sex because parents, teachers, society etc…. refuse to teach us about something that is a part of our lives as humans . Sex shouldn’t be shamed either. It’s a part of our life and no one should be embarrassed or put down for wanting to learn and know more about it. Sex Ex should be taught in every single school. Y’all can’t complain about teen pregnancy because no one educated the teen on safe sex and condoms . Not one person helped the teen avoid the consequences of unsafe sexual intercourse . You can’t complain about something you do nothing about .. Help us figure out what we need to know. Before we learn the hard way.

-Ashley Vasquez