In June 2015, NIRH commissioned non-partisan research organization PerryUndem Research/Communication to poll Virginia voters about their views on the connections, if any, among reproductive decisions, including abortion rights, women’s equality, and financial stability. (See the full polling memo)

We found that most Virginia voters agree that there is a link between access to abortion and women’s financial stability and equality. In addition to support for proactive abortion policies, large majorities of Virginia voters also agreed with the economic proposals included in the proposed Virginia Women’s Equality Agenda, such as stronger laws to ensure equal pay for equal work, making sure all workers get a minimum number of paid sick days, increasing the minimum wage, and protecting access to birth control.

Other key findings include:

  • A large majority of Virginia voters support the proactive, abortion-specific proposals in their legislative agendas (67% support protecting a woman’s right to access safe and legal abortion care).
  • About eight out of 10 Virginia voters support women’s legislative agendas overall (79%).
  • Voters say they are more likely to re-elect elected officials who support women’s agendas that protect access to reproductive health care, including abortion (70% in VA).
  • Nearly seven in 10 voters (68% in VA) say laws that make it harder to access abortion can have a negative impact on a woman’s financial stability.
  • Majorities of voters in each state say that a woman’s ability to control whether or when she has children is related to her financial stability (64% in VA) and is an important part of equality for women (57% in VA).

The Virginia poll was conducted June 10-15, 2015, among 801 registered voters statewide. It was administered by telephone, including landlines and cell phones. The margin of sampling error is ± 3.5 percentage points.

Read the full release here.