In 2013, San Francisco enacted an ordinance that created a fixed 25-foot buffer zone around reproductive health facilities. After the McCullen decision, elected officials worked with Planned Parenthood and the City Attorney’s Office to create a new ordinance more likely to withstand a constitutional challenge. The new ordinance, passed unanimously by the City Board of Supervisors in the fall of 2014, combines many elements of other buffer zone laws. It makes it illegal to shout at or follow and harass people within 25 feet of a reproductive health clinic. Within this 25-foot zone, a protestor must stay at least 8 feet away from any person that requests they be left alone. If a protestor continues to harass patients after being asked to stay away, police can issue a dispersal order requiring them to stay at least 25 feet away from the clinic. Any protestors creating amplified noise, such as using microphones or loudspeakers, must stay at least 50 feet away from the clinic.

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