By Anonymous

“Self-love is often a seed planted by others, but has to be manifested by you.”

Most people believe that self-love, confidence and appreciate comes solely from yourself. But in the instance that you cannot take any more and you’re standing on a bridge ready to have the tides from the river take your breath away; you just need that one person to remind you that you are worthy. Without that good support system, where would we all be? Personally I know that without the support of my partner, I would not be able to say that I have been accepted to 6 Colleges and Universities. It took him to reassuring me that I am an amazing person who works hard and deserves everything that I am given, for myself to accept that I deserve it. Facing depression is not easy; it takes a lot of counseling and support from the people who mean the most to me. Overall, it takes more than just knowing you’re a beautiful person to love yourself, you also need that priceless support from your loved ones.