By Megan

The term adolescence is used to describe the transition stage between childhood and adulthood. I believe that our adolescent stage in life is one of the most important stages because that is when we are able to find our true selves. Throughout our adolescent years, we are spending most of our time in high school. From the start of high school all the way until you graduate, you gain and lose friends, learn how to deal with relationships, in addition to gaining a good deal of knowledge, and learning where you fit in socially. I personally feel like these are our crucial years because they mold us into who we would like to be in our later future.

I remember when I turned 14, I was able to see an adolescent doctor and leave my pediatrician who knew me from birth. At this point, not only did I feel relieved, I also felt responsible because this meant I was able to see my doctor without my mother being in the room. I am now able to walk in and talk to my doctor whenever I want, without my mother’s knowing. Doing so gives me confidence and shows me how a relationship with your doctor is essential because your parents will not be there in the doctor’s office with you forever, helping bring up questions to ask your doctor and better your health. When becoming an adolescent, your maturity level increases and not only do you develop mentally, but physically as well.