As we approach the end of 2017, we’re ending the year on a better note than we started. NIRH is especially proud and incredibly grateful of all that we’ve accomplished this year, thanks to our incredible partners and supporters across the country.
These successes constitute bright spots in one of the darkest times in our nation’s history. Here are some of those accomplishments:

Expanding abortion access

  • NIRH worked directly with the New York Department of Financial Services to pass new regulations in New York requiring all insurers to cover abortion with no copay.
  • In Illinois, in partnership with All* Above All, we supported the ACLU of Illinois to successfully pass HB 40, removing barriers to abortion coverage in Medicaid and state insurance programs, evening the playing field for low-income women.
  • We also congratulate our former partners and friends in Oregon who passed a law ensuring that regardless of income, citizenship status, gender identity or type of insurance, all Oregon residents will have access to the full range of preventive reproductive health services, including family planning, abortion, and postpartum care.
  • NIRH worked closely with NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut and the independent abortion provider Hartford GYN Center to write, introduce, and successfully pass an ordinance in Hartford, Connecticut regulating crisis pregnancy centers. This ordinance will protect women trying to access abortion care in Hartford.
  • In Pittsburgh, NIRH worked with New Voices Pittsburgh and All* Above All to introduce and pass a city council resolution calling on Pennsylvania to reinstate insurance coverage for abortion.
  • In Wisconsin, we worked with the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health to introduce and build popular support for a package of proactive bills, the Respect Women Act, to ensure that Wisconsin women have the ability and support to make their own reproductive health care decisions free from harassment, intimidation, political interference, or false information.

Expanding access to contraception

  • Our Massachusetts partner NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts passed the ACCESS bill, which adopted and expanded on the Affordable Care Act’s promise to make contraceptives available to all residents.
  • Through a new project focusing on improving access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARC), such as the IUD, NIRH helped address policy and systems barriers to obtaining IUDs and implants, expanding contraceptive access in 4 states! New Mexico, New York, and Tennessee all adopted policies to make LARCs more affordable and easier to obtain, with Utah on its way to do the same.
  • NIRH worked directly with New York Department of Financial Services to pass new regulations in New York requiring all insurers to cover abortion with no copay.

Advancing reproductive freedom in cities across the country

  • This year, NIRH launched a new effort to channel the power and resistance of cities, where residents, city councils, and mayors are creating change from the ground up. Our first-of-its-kind Local Reproductive Freedom Index evaluates 40 cities on their reproductive freedom-friendly policies and provides a roadmap for activists, partner organizations, and policymakers across the country, helping them take a stand and make a difference in their hometowns.

With supporters by our side, we’re gearing up for 2018 with the momentum needed to continue moving forward a bold and proactive vision for reproductive freedom in cities and states across the country.

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