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Urban Initiative for Reproductive Health

The Urban Initiative for Reproductive Health is a multi-year national initiative of the National Institute for Reproductive Health that works to create and promote real policy solutions to address reproductive health problems that are currently facing cities across the nation.Public health officials from New York, Baltimore, Mexico City, and Chicago attended the Urban Initiative for Reproductive Health Summit on May 8, 2008

To achieve this goal, the Urban Initiative is creating partnerships between elected officials and advocates at the city and county level. Through national and regional summits and on-the-ground coordination, the Urban Initiative is bringing together mayors, county executives, public health officials and advocates to synthesize the public health models of municipalities across the country, and to advance an agenda promoting policies and programs that increase access to comprehensive reproductive health services, reduce unintended pregnancies, address reproductive health disparities, and lead to healthier birth outcomes.

Urban Initiative News

January, 2009

The National Institute is providing more than $200,000 in grant funding,
along with targeted technical assistance, to advocacy organizations in
twelve cities across the United States
. The grants will be used to
collaborate with local elected officials and public health leaders to
create progressive policies and programs at the city and county level
to improve urban reproductive health outcomes.


December, 2008

We are pleased to announce the grantees selected to host four Urban
Initiative for Reproductive Health Regional Summits in 2009
. Modeled on
the groundbreaking National Summit held in New York City in 2008, these
Regional Summits will expand the Urban Initiative by bringing together
advocates and public officials to discuss improving reproductive health
policies and programs in their cities and regions.


November, 2008

National Institute's Emily Alexander points out in RH Reality Check that
despite national and statewide pro-choice victories, anti-choice measures
on the county and municipal levels -- for example, measures in Indiana
and Virginia -- still aim to limit women's access to reproductive health care
services. The Urban Inititiave for Reproductive Health counteracts local
anti-choice action by offering progressive, proactive, pro-choice policy and
program solutions.