National Institute for Reproductive Health
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In 2010, the National Institute for Reproductive Health worked extensively to develop a persuasive message that would help build grassroots and political support to protect and increase access to affordable insurance coverage for abortion care.

This year, the National Institute will make grants available for nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations to educate, research, and train advocates and elected officials in your localities and states on issues related to private insurance coverage of abortion.

Read more about our current Messaging Project, including current grantees.

Through multi-year research, communications, media and grassroots organizing effort, the Messaging Project is identifying language that resonates with the public and actually mobilizes them to become pro-active supporters and participants for reproductive rights. We work one-on-one with allies on the ground in states across the nation, assisting them in utilizing this language as they craft efforts to fight back against those who would further reduce abortion access in their state.

Messaging Campaign:

  • The recent health care reform debate in Washington, D.C. has put funding for abortion care, both public and private, in the dialogue at a level not seen in more than 30 years. The National Institute for Reproductive Health is playing a critical role in that dialogue through research and message development that arms advocates, elected officials, policy makers and activists with strong, value-based messages that ensure support for women’s access to insurance coverage for abortion care. Read more about this ongoing Messaging Project.

  • Beginning in 2008, the National Institute has engaged in messaging campaigns focusing on the criminalization of abortion. The goal here was to create a message that takes anti-choice efforts to their logical conclusion and puts opponents on the defensive by asking, if abortion is made illegal, what will happen to the woman having one? This messaging has been adopted in numerous states to defeat anti-choice legislation, bring anti-choice politicians' positions to light, and was even recently adopted in Australia to defeat a criminalization proposal. Read more about this Messaging Project.