National Institute for Reproductive Health
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What We Do

All of our programs at the National Institute for Reproductive Health derive from our goals to promote reproductive rights and expand access to reproductive healthcare across the country.

Our programs aim to assist local and state advocates working to adopt pro-active policies and programs and counter attacks on access to abortion, family planning, and sexuality education; educate and empower young people; develop educational resources on sexual and reproductive health; and craft new messages and communications platforms to move the public conversation on our issues.

Strengthen Our States Initiative
The Strengthen Our States Initiative (SOSI) is a multi-year, multi-state effort to provide financial resources, hands-on support, and networking opportunities to state advocates positioned to create and advance statewide reproductive rights strategies and launch effective campaigns to counter anti-choice bills. It will make strategic investments in state organizations - with project-specific funding opportunities, technical assistance, and staff support - to strengthen those working "on the ground" and to leverage their knowledge and expertise with the goal of mobilizing greater public support, changing the public dialogue, and altering the public policies that limit access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion. Learn more.
Urban Initiative for Reproductive Health
The Urban Initiative for Reproductive Health (UI) works to address the reproductive health issues facing cities across the nation, creating partnerships between elected officials and advocates at the city and county level, as well as networks of such advocates across the country. Its goals are to promote policies and programs that increase access to comprehensive reproductive health services, reduce unintended pregnancies, address reproductive health disparities, and lead to healthier birth outcomes. Learn more.
Back Up Your Birth Control
The Back Up Your Birth Control (BUYBC) campaign is the leading national educational effort to raise awareness of and expand access to emergency contraception (EC). Each year, a partnership of leading advocacy organizations, service providers, campus activists, and other community stakeholders conduct educational outreach on the annual Day of Action. Since 2001, more than 350,000 pieces of educational materials have been distributed in over 30 states. Learn more.
Maybe the IUD
Over the past several years, there has been a resurgence of support for intrauterine devices (IUDs), safe and effective long-acting reversible contraceptive for women seeking to prevent an unintended pregnancy. The Maybe the IUD education campaign, developed due to the lack of widespread knowledge about IUDs, especially among younger people, operates with the goal of providing accurate information about this highly effective form of birth control. Learn more.
The Teen Outreach Reproductive Challenge (TORCH) is a New York City-based peer-to-peer education program that seeks to provide knowledge and empowerment opportunities for young people to make informed choices in their lives; create a new generation of the pro-choice movement by fostering awareness and activism; offer accurate information to young people about adolescent health issues, including abortion, sexuality, and reproductive rights; and encourage young people to build self-esteem through community advocacy and leadership training. In 2012 alone, Institute staff and youth leaders have presented on the program at five conferences and have trained over 250 residents and doctors throughout New York City. Learn more.
Book of Choices
The Book of Choices is the first and only comprehensive online resource guide for New York State women facing unplanned pregnancy. This bilingual (English and Spanish) website features a list of more than 80 clinics and healthcare centers that offer abortions and provides information on funding for reproductive health care, adoption, and parenting needs, as well as detailed information on how to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Learn more.
Messaging Project
Through a multi-year research, communications, media and grassroots organizing effort, the Messaging Project identifies language that resonates with the public and actually mobilizes them to proactively support advancing reproductive health. We worked one-on-one with allies on the ground in states across the nation, assisting them in utilizing this language as they crafted efforts to fight back against those who would further reduce access to reproductive health care, especially abortion, in their state.