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AHCCP Grantee Sites
Each year the National Institute gives grants to local organizations across the country that want to implement the AHCCP in their communities and organizations. Read all about current and past sites implementing the AHCCP. Learn more here.

AHCCP Updates
Find out the latest updates about the AHCCP program including recent presentations, webinars, and news about the sites that implement the AHCCP. Read more.

AHCCP Resources
We offer these innovative activities and resources to help enrich your work with the Adolescent Health Care Communication Program. Access resources here.

The Program

To create a program in which adolescents and health care providers could jointly work to improve their communication, the National Institute for Reproductive Health’s Adolescent Health Care Communication Program (AHCCP) created two projects designed and led by adolescents:

Both practices were preconceived to put adolescents in the driver’s seat, as workshop facilitators and standardized patients.Through these two projects, providers of adolescent health care gain the opportunity to interface directly with their target population, and benefit from the insight and advice that trained teens can offer. In addition teens learn how to access better health care.

Watch these short videos of the AHCCP in action!